Due to its flora and fauna, the Camargue is a unique environment in Europe. It is imperative to protect it if we want to benefit future generations as well. Discover this environment to be protected near the Hôtel des 4 vents.

Actions to Protect the Camargue

For nearly a century, the Camargue has been a National Park, which allows it to benefit from increased protection for flora and fauna, and gives it a leading scientific mission.

In close communication with the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO), and the Ecological and Social Dynamics in the Deltaic Environment branch of the CNRS, the Camargue has long proven its importance in safeguarding biodiversity at the European scale.

Other directives have been put in place over the years to ensure greater protection of species, including the classification of 8 areas as Natura 2000, and integration into the European LIFE program.

An Environment to Protect Visit Eco-responsible

In addition to the actions to protect the Camargue that are being put in place, the park must be part of an educational process in favor of the environment. Thus, you will find many bird watching points, or areas of notable interest for flora and fauna.

Discovery trails targeting a particular species may also be offered to you.

In all cases, you are advised to take an eco-responsible approach during your visits. Apart from the principle of cleanliness, by not smoking in the park and by collecting your waste, other advice will be given to you.

First, don’t leave the trails. It is tempting to go in search of hiding animals, for the joy of discovering them in the wilderness, but doing so risks damaging protected plants without even knowing it.

Secondly, the Camargue being a breeding ground for many birds, we will ask you not to disturb them, whether by calling them or feeding them. Your presence in the park should be as discreet as possible.

Always remember that when you visit a protected area, it is you who enter the habitat of the animals, and not the other way around!

Finally, never pick the flowers you see on the ground. Some species are not found anywhere else in France, so leave them in their place so that they can continue to live!

You will understand that the protection of the Camargue, this unique territory rich in biodiversity, is a major mission at both national and European level.

Associations are doing a lot in this direction, and it is essential, in order to conserve these wonders of nature, that we all adopt an eco-responsible behavior in the park!