Located two minutes from the center of Aigues-Mortes by car, the Hôtel des 4 vents is the ideal accommodation for exploring the medieval city and its historic center.

In this article we invite you to discover Aigues-Mortes with the Hôtel des 4 vents.

Discover the City of Aigues-Mortes

The town of Aigues-Mortes has many surprises in store for you.

The Salins

During your visit to Aigues-Mortes, it is important to visit the salt marshes, the flagship visit of the Camargue. In fact, this sector is located not far from the sea, so it is only natural that the city has seen the salines develop. For information, the salt works produce more than 490 000 long ton of salt per year over a vast territory of 27 000 acres. It is possible to visit them by bike, by foot, or even on horseback.

These large bodies of water have a peculiarity, they have a pinkish tint, due to an alga full of carotene. It is this same algae that gives our flamingos the pink color.

The Ramparts of the City

The town of Aigues-Mortes is above all a medieval town. During your visit, it is important to pass by the Constance Tower, the tallest tower in the city. Many guided tours are offered there, you decide if you want to discover the secrets of the tower or if you prefer to imagine its history during your visit.

The Walls of Aigues-Mortes are in themselves impressive. They tour the city, so you get breathtaking views of the city, but also of the salt flats if you decide to take a tour south of the walls.

So convinced by the city of Aigues-Mortes? Wanting to leave you with as many surprises as possible, we won’t reveal too many secrets about this beautiful city. However, if you want more information about the city of Aigues-Mortes or to book accommodation close to the city, you can contact us on +33 4 66 53 68 10 or on our contact page.