The Camargue is a region benefiting from a Mediterranean climate. So, summers are hot and dry and winters are mild. Spring is therefore an intermediate season with the ideal temperature for exploring the Camargue. With the Hôtel des 4 vents, enjoy the Camargue during spring.

The Camargue During the Spring a Dream to Observe the Animals

During the month of March, it is possible to observe many species of birds moving up from south to north to nest. Due to its typography, the Camargue has always been a dream location for birds. Indeed, with the winter rains, the water level rises, the area thus presents large expanses of water perfect for insects and small fish. This is why the Camargue becomes for several weeks the guardian of migratory birds. The big stars of spring are the heron, the egret and the passerines.

Spring has always been a magical and special season. After winter, the flora and fauna wake up. The animals start to come out to enjoy the first rays of the sun. At the same time, the destination is still fairly calm, with a large part of tourists preferring the Camargue during summer for its beaches. Thus, you have a much better chance of observing and admiring the animals during this time.

Photographer friends don’t forget your camera! The Camargue during the spring is the opportunity to meet great people.

Spring is the Hiking Season

Spring sees the plants budding and hatching, go hiking or even riding in March, it is the guarantee to marvel at the colors and smells of the Camargue.

As a great lover of the Camargue, the Hôtel des 4 vents recommends their customers to discover the destination during this period. If you want to discover the Camargue in a new light, you can contact us by phone on +33 4 66 53 68 10.