The Camargue is a place in which traditions are anchored. All around the two-star hotel “Les 4 vents“, you will enjoy a unique and incomparable history. So that you can make the most of your stay in Aigues-Mortes, here are some historical lines.

The Gardian’s Hut and Bullfighting Traditions

As you walk along the roads, you will certainly come across the gardian hut. It is a typical habitat of the Camargue in the 19th century. It served as housing for agricultural workers, but also for fishermen, shepherds, basket makers and salt workers. The length of the cabin is always oriented to the north so that it does not offer resistance to the mistral. It has no foundation and its floor is made of dirt. Unfortunately, the ones you will encounter are only replicas, but they are worth a look. Nowadays, the herder is the person who keeps the herd, free herd from bulls. Bullfighting traditions are a very striking aspect of regional culture. Typical of midday, the Camargue race is a no-kill bullfighting game that takes place in the arenas. The goal is to catch the attributes hanging on the bull’s head. Be careful, there is no killing and there is no question of injuring the animal!

Abrivado and Pilgrimage to the Hôtel des 4 vents in Aigues-Mortes

Previously, to lead the bulls from the pastures to the arenas where the animals had to participate in races, we practiced the Abrivado. That is, an escort of riders accompanied the bulls to ensure safety. Nowadays, these Abrivados are organized during festivals and participate in the folklore of the villages. If you want to stay in the tradition, do not miss what will follow: the pilgrimage. If the latter is a Christian manifestation, it is also a grandiose tourist phenomenon. On this occasion, a giant crowd of gypsies from all over Europe invaded the village of Saintes-Maries de la Mer, a few miles from the Hôtel des 4 vents in Aigues-Mortes, to drive relics at the sea in order to achieve a blessing. The pilgrimage also offers a real spectacle in the city and gives the opportunity to listen to many musicians flamenco guitarists, to see the gypsies dancing. The presence of Arlésiennes and herdsmen also allows you to admire the traditional Camargue costumes.

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