The Hôtel des 4 vents is ideally located if you want to discover the Regional Natural Park of the Camargue, whatever the season.

A Unique Environment

As the Camargue is now a regional natural park, you can meet a wide variety of animal and plant species.

Indeed, the park is home to many different environments. If you like to walk on the beach, you may come across marshes on your way, dry or not, sheltering a very specific flora and fauna. Some areas, which have been dry for a long time, even see particular plants growing on soil with still significant salinity.

This is one of the major attractions of the Camargue, you will find a number of plants in love with salty environments, which you will not find anywhere else in France.

The emblematic animal of the Camargue is, without a doubt, the pink flamingo. But these are not the only birds present here. The region is a migratory crossroads for many species, and even a wintering area for some ducks.

In addition, the Camargue offers a unique spectacle with its white sandy beaches. Large sandy expanses stretch out their arms to you … So take the time to recharge your batteries, sit back, and watch the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea.

Let Yourself Be Guided

The Regional Natural Park being a protected space, many professionals study the organisms that live there. You will be able to leave with a specialized guide who will do his best to convey his passion for the Camargue to you.

Whether on foot, in a horse-drawn carriage, or on horseback, take a walk without missing any notorious species!

You can also learn more about the traditions and history of the Camargue.

So if you are looking for a nature destination, come and enjoy the Camargue by staying at the Hôtel des 4 vents. Contact us by phone on +33 4 66 53 68 10 for any questions.