The two-star hotel “Les 4 vents” in Aigues-Morte is anchored in the unique and exceptional environment of the Camargue. A precious environment that it is more than necessary to protect. This is why the Regional Natural Park of Camargue is the subject of initiatives to protect its fauna and flora.

Site of World Importance a few Miles from the Hotel “Les 4 Vents”

The Camargue is an exceptional place. Recognized throughout the world, it is home to more than 150,000 birds and has a protected area which includes 276 species of birds, 258 of which are of heritage interest. In reality, birds are at the heart of actions for their protection and conservation brought together within the Natura 2000 network which brings together special protection zones (SPAs) and Special areas of conservation (SAC).

Birds Directive

The Bird Directive, another name for the SPA, is a directive issued by the European Union with the aim of promoting the protection and management of populations of wild bird species in European territory. In addition, measures taken by each state must make it possible to achieve conservation objectives: for the bird species concerned, it is strictly forbidden to destroy individuals. But also nests, eggs and habitats, to sell or transport live or dead birds or any part obtained from the bird.

Special Conservation Area

Much of the park is part of a special conservation area. In fact, it is of great interest for the exceptional natural heritage it shelters. In addition, member states must take measures to keep the natural heritage of the site in good condition. SACs come in addition to special protection zones. In France, more than 11 million acre were affected by these areas, including the Camargue Regional Natural Park. Do you want to visit the Camargue? Book a stay at the hotel “Les 4 Vents” Aigues-Morte now. Contact us on +33 4 66 53 68 10 or contact us via the contact section of our website.