The richness of flora and fauna of Camargue is exceptional.

Due to a double influence from the delta of Rhône, its ponds and marshes, and the Mediterranean climate, the Camargue is a nature reserve unique in France.

The hotel two stars “Les 4 Vents” in Aigues-Morte presents you the particularity of the Camargue flora and fauna.

Unique Flora

The halophilic plants predominate the flora of Camargue.

Indeed, the double influence of water and salt favors a plantation which adapts to salty environments.

In addition, the samphire is particularly present and likes the soil of the sansouire. It is adorned with a color in every season – green in spring, gray in summer and rather red in winter – and is known by the nickname “sea bean”.

Heading towards the Rhone Delta, therefore on less salty soils, the aquatic vegetation intensifies. On the edge of the ponds, you can find reeds or “canes of Provence”, right next to yellow irises, water buttercups, broom or forget-me-nots.

The saladelle is also present in the majority: its blue colors the various pastures.

A Large Fauna

The Camargue has always been a stopping place for many migratory birds.

Among the more than 150,000 birds representing more than 250 different species that pass through this magnificent site of the Camargue, the pink flamingo is the most representative species of all.

In fact, during the spring season, when they reproduce, more than 30,000 individuals are found.

They can be admired on the Fangassier pond. In 1979, the Birds Directive marked the total protection of the flamingo in Europe, but also of its nest, eggs and habitat.

In addition, many other species come to take the time to rest in the Camargue: gray herons, egrets, ducks, geese, storks, or even gulls and gulls … The region is the scene of an extravagant encounter of thousands of animals.

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