The two-star hotel “Les 4 Vents” in Aigues-Mortes invites you to venture you into the heart of the history of Camargue traditions. By booking your stay with us, you will not be able to derogate from it: tradition is anchored in our roots. Among them, there is the one that you must meet during your stay and which is part of our heritage: the manade.

The Camargue Bull, Star of the Manade

You take a leisurely stroll along the road leading to the Hôtel des 4 vents in Aigues-Mortes. In the distance, do you see a giant free herd of bulls, cows or horses? Above all, don’t panic, it’s a manade! Nearby, there is the herdsman who, as his name almost suggests, guards the herd. These animals are raised by men and are used for the Camargue race, bullfighting festivals, horse riding and the marketing of their meat. You will easily recognize the star of the manade: the Camargue bull. He is dressed in a black robe with lyre horns pointing skyward. He is a wild, light, flexible and fast bull.

The Other Bulls

You understand, who says Camargue, says bulls. But, did you know that there are many breeds of bull? For example, there are the cockardiers, also called bioùs, which are purebred Camargue oxen intended for free racing. This race can also be called “provençale” or “à la cockarde”. We can also cite the bulls crossed between the Camargue and Spanish breeds. They are intended for “capeas” and “economic bullfights”. Finally, near the two-star 4 Sales Hotel in Aigues-Mortes, you can also admire purebred Spanish or Portuguese bulls. They are intended for formal bullfights which are bull races with animals that are at least four years old and with picador. In the region, herds are very widespread and you will certainly come across them!

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