The nature of the Regional Natural Park of Camargue is one of the richest in Europe.

Transit point for many species of birds a few miles from the two-star hotel “Les 4 Vents” in Aigues-Morte, the park is full of flora and fauna unpublished and that we do not see anywhere else.

In addition, it is subject to protective measures.

A Rich Fauna and Flora

The Camargue Regional Natural Park has the particularity of benefiting from the dual influence of water and salt.

Indeed, its geographical position means that it is irrigated by fresh water from the Rhône and that it is particularly exposed to salt due to salinization in the south of the park.

And in this environment, the glasswort is the flora that performs best.

Further north, the edges of the ponds are adorned with many colors: the reeds, the yellow irises or the saladelle decorate the park with its most beautiful appearances.

On the animal side, the park is home to more than 150,000 birds, bringing together more than 250 different species.

The greater flamingo is there: more than 30,000 individuals can be found during mating in spring.

A Protected Site Near the Hotel “Les 4 Vents” in Aigues-Morte

These thousands of birds are the subject of an important safeguard on behalf of the French State and the European Union.

In fact, in 1979, a special protection zone (SPA), or bird directive, was created and concerns a large part of the park.

In addition, it prohibits the destruction and nests, eggs or habitat of species.

In fact, it wants to promote and manage the populations of wild bird species on the European continent.

Also, the park houses a special conservation area. This aims to protect the natural heritage of the site in good condition.

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