By booking a stay at the Hôtel des 4 vents, you have the opportunity to visit the Camargue with your family in Aigues-Morte. In a few lines, discover the nice places to go.

What is the Camargue?

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the Camargue is a 371,000 acre wetland, home of many animal and plant species.

In addition, the Camargue is classified as a biosphere reserve (recognized by UNESCO as a region which reconciles biodiversity with sustainable development).

It is also a regional nature park. Aigues-Morte, where the Hôtel des 4 vents is located, is a main town. In fact, you can visit the Camargue with your family in Aigues-Morte.

Unique Visits

Visiting the Camargue with the family in Aigues-Morte is an opportunity to make unique and unforgettable visits.

Indeed, flora and fauna present within this territory make it magical in the eyes of millions of tourists every year.

The Salt Marshes of Camargue

The salines are inseparable from the Camargue. They are also known worldwide for the quality of their salt produced.

If you take a summer visit, you will witness the different stages of salt production.

In the end, you will even be able to see the birth of the famous fleur de sel.

The Camargue Regional Natural Park

The Natural Regional Park of Camargue is a protected park. Home to more than 150,000 birds of nearly 250 different species, it is full of absolutely wonderful flora.

In addition, 30,000 flamingos can meet to mate in the spring.

Camargue Traditions

The Camargue brings together many traditions.

Indeed, visiting the Camargue with your family in Aigues-Morte will allow you to witness bullfighting traditions: manades, Camargue races, Abrivados and herdsmen will lead you into an unknown and rich world.

Now you have all it takes to visit the Camargue with your family in Aigues-Morte, departing from the Hôtel des 4 vents. Contact us on +33 4 66 53 68 10 or go to the contact section of our website.

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