The manade, a Camargue Tradition

The two-star hotel “Les 4 Vents” in Aigues-Mortes invites you to venture you into the heart of the history of Camargue traditions. By
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Everything About the Traditions of the Camargue

The Camargue is a place in which traditions are anchored. All around the two-star hotel “Les 4 vents“, you will enjoy a unique
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Aigues-Mortes, Land of Salt Marshes

The saltworks of Aigues-Mortes are part of the heritage of the Camargue. Like the Eiffel Tower for Paris or the Film Festival for

The Camargue Regional Natural Park Protected Towards Aigues-Morte

The two-star hotel “Les 4 vents” in Aigues-Morte is anchored in the unique and exceptional environment of the Camargue. A precious environment that
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The Extraordinary Flora and Fauna of the Camargue in Aigues-Mortes

The richness of flora and fauna of Camargue is exceptional. Due to a double influence from the delta of Rhône, its ponds and

The Natural and Protected Camargue Park Towards Aigues-Mortes

The nature of the Regional Natural Park of Camargue is one of the richest in Europe. Transit point for many species of birds
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